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The Calming Benefits of Organic Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the oldest and most recognized essential oil in the world. It is most commonly used in making perfumes because of its pleasant and relaxing aroma. The calming and soothing aroma of this oil is proven to help in the treatment of headaches, exhaustion and even some cases of insomnia and nervous disorders. The odor of this oil also helps repel mosquitoes and moths.

Aside from its aromatic benefits, clinical studies show that lavender essential oil provides numerous health benefits. It has an antiseptic, anti- inflammatory and analgesic property that is effective in the treatment of minor cuts, burns and insect bites.

Lavender essential oil is extracted mostly from sun-dried flowers of the lavender plant through steam distillation. Lavender plants are short plants growing wild in the places where climate is hot and they flourish best in dry, well-drained sandy soils. Lavender plants are grown all over the globe and cross – pollinate easily, in effect there are a wide variety of lavender species that exist today. The best-selling Essential Oils Exporter is obtained from the flowers of the specie Lavandula angustifolia. They are colorless and used mostly in food, perfume and cosmetic industry. They blend well with many other essential oils including cedar wood, pine, sage, geranium and nutmeg.

More Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils

Studies show that lavender essential oils are effective in relieving anxiety, agitation and behavior problems among patients with Alzheimer’s disease. One study showed the effect of lavender oil when released in a hospital ward filled with patients with dementia. After exposure to the aroma, the patients showed decrease agitation.

Lavender oil is also extensively used for treatment of various respiratory problems including upper and lower respiratory tract infections such as colds, cough, bronchitis and tonsillitis. The oil is likewise effective both in skin and hair care. Its oil is useful in treatment and prevention of lice and nits and the skin care use of lavender oils is attributed for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It can be used to treat various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and other inflammations. When combined with chamomile oil, it helps in the treatment of eczema.

A study was also carried out to determine its effectiveness to relieve pain and discomfort following labor. It has been proven useful as an additive to bath water to reduce pain in the after normal childbirth. This calming oil also induces sleep, and proven to be effective in helping patients with insomnia.

One research shows that the chemicals in lavender oils suppresses male hormones and enhances female hormones. This research revealed that prolonged exposure to the oil contributes to development of breasts among men. As such, care must be observed in the excessive use of this oil.


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